the trinity and the early church series

The trinity and the early church series

how the Church has corrected false teachings about the Trinity and Christ since the time of the apostles.

about this series

There is one central truth of Christianity that all our beliefs hang upon—the Trinity. Some Christians of the Early Church couldn’t grasp that there is one God in three persons or that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine—resulting in heresy. Since the time of the apostles, the Church has corrected false teachings (heresies) about the triune God.

In every episode, Richaél Lucero will describe the heresies about the Trinity and the nature of Christ. The problems they caused believers in the early Church and how they were disputed. In chronological order, she’ll cover every related heresy from the 2nd through 5th centuries.

Listen now and you’ll learn more about our infinite God and his plan for your salvation. And hopefully grow in intimacy with the three persons of the trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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