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hey ! I’m Richaél.

I’m guessing someone you trust told you about the podcast or shared an episode online. Or you stumbled upon it while looking for Catholic shows or profiles to follow. However it happened, Welcome!

This ministry is full of game-changing tools that can help you live a vibrant life of Faith—a partaker of the divine nature of God. Seriously!

Let me catch you up to speed so that we can get on with transforming the world by letting Christ transform us.


a bit about me

Cradle Catholic here. But I lived as a citizen of the world until 2010—in my hometown of San Diego, CA. After returning to the Faith, I realized there were a lot of holes in my previous religious education. And I yearned to know more. So I went to Franciscan University of Steubenville.

There I earned my masters degree in theology. More importantly, I got to know God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit deeply and personally.

Since then, I started the globally downloaded podcast, Clumsy Theosis—helping the faithful turn Faith-knowledge into a vibrant Faith life.

My husband cheers me on as I follow my call to run this ministry. Among other things, he’s my unofficial proof reader—so if you find any typos…



Substance + Relatability

I boil down—but never water-down—2,000 years of Catholic goodness. The great Catholic minds. Spiritual masters of the Faith. From basic to intimidating. I keep it clear and down to earth. And most of all, practical.


I deliver a powerful message of truth steeped in the Deposit of Faith. Sacred scripture, tradition, magisterial documents, the Catechism, the saints, fathers & doctors of the Faith. You name it, I’ll draw from it.


I believe you shouldn’t have to get an academic degree to have a robust understanding of the Faith. Or to learn how to apply it to your personal and spiritual life in order to grow. I provide the tools to do just that.


What’s theosis?

This is what you really want to know. First, Theosis is a word every Catholic should know. And second, I bet you’re more familiar with theosis than you think. Watch.

Should Christians: follow Christ, listen to him, imitate him, and conform themselves to Christ? Yes! It’s implied in the name, right?!

How about this: Through the sacraments of our Faith do we experience the indwelling of God? Do we find union or oneness with Him? Of course we do!

2 Peter 1:4 says we are to bepartakers in the divine nature of God.” When we imitate Christ or accept his divine life through the sacraments that is exactly what we are doing.

That participation transforms us to become more like Christ. To become more fully the glorious (unique) saints he has made us to be. That’s theosis. That’s the core of our Faith.

*Fun fact: Theosis is a.k.a. deification, divination, divine participation, and divine sonship.


what you should do next

Grab this free audio recording titled, Theosis in the Bible.

The title pretty much sums it up. You’ll hear sound explanations of my favorite theosis verses.

See! Theosis is so Catholic it’s biblical.

Grabbing Theosis in the Bible comes with another perk. It makes you part of the crew. Which means every week you’ll get a short email from me.

It will always have that week’s episode–so you’ll never miss one. From time to time when I feel I need to dish you’ll read insider info. And surprise bonus downloads throughout the year.

The Catholic life is meant to be extraordinary. Get your recording of Theosis in the Bible and say goodbye to being an ordinary Catholic.

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