Theosis in the Bible

The first Christians understood theosis as being inseparable from the message of their salvation and the Holy Spirit’s role in their lives. We know this because it is peppered throughout the New Testament. Listen as Richaél highlights the handful of theosis passages that called her to this lifestyle. Click the play icon above.

Into the Desert

“It is not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, but that it has been found difficult and left untried.” —G.K. Chesterton Today is Ash Wednesday. Our journey into the desert has commenced. For 40 days, we will wander but we will not be lost. The Lord knows our heading even if we do [...]

Theosis & Inheriting a Kingdom

You know how when you find someone else excited about living the Faith, you can trade riffs for hours about God’s generosity? I did just that—well, for an hour—with Cy Kellett, host of the Catholic Answers Today radio show. Listen in as we explore how the path of theosis leads us to the inheritance of [...]