salvation history series

salvation history series

The story of God’s active presence in the history of humanity from Adam through Jesus and the eucharist.

about this series

What is the overarching plot of the bible? Who are the key players? And what are their roles? When we have a firm grasp on *salvation history,* these questions are easily answered.

There are six key players in salvation history: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus. Every week, Richaél Lucero will examine the life of one of these figures, the covenant they made with God and its meaning.

You’ll leave with a better grasp on the scriptures and the truth of God’s continual presence in human history. And hopefully a deeper love of the Lord and his sacrifice on the cross.


The Bible, Salvation History, Adam, + Being a Child of God (Part 1)

The Bible, Salvation History, Adam, + Being a Child of God (Part 2)

Noah, Covenants Vs. Contracts, and a God of Second Chances

Abraham: The Promise of a Great Nation, Great Name, and Worldwide Blessing

Moses, Idolatry, and Interior Slavery

David and Trickle Down Blessing

Jesus and the Eucharist Foretold by the Prophets

Covenants: Expanded God’s Family & Perfected by Jesus

The New Covenant Fulfilled: The Last Supper & Crucifixion

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