Clarifying the Gospel: Seven Ecumenical Councils

Did you know that God speaks only one single word? It’s true.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church references Paul’s letter to the Hebrews in paragraph 102 when it declares, “God speaks only one single word … in whom he expresses himself completely.”

That one single word is Jesus! << This is the Good News, the gospel – God’s incarnation for the sake of our salvation. After 300 years of Christianity, the definition of this one word needed to be clarified as heretical positions about Jesus we spreading.

From 325 a.d. to 787 a.d. the first seven ecumenical councils of the Church formally combated popular heresies about Jesus – his natures, his relationship with the other members of the Trinity and his mother, and the representation of this image.

Regarding these things, the Church definitively clarified the following theological truths:

  • A.D. 325 | Nicaea I | The origin and substance of Jesus
  • A.D. 381 | Constantinople I | Nicaea is reaffirmed & the Holy Spirit’s divinity is established
  • A.D. 431 | Ephesus | Jesus’ nature
  • A.D. 451 | Chalcedon | Jesus’ nature
  • A.D. 553 | Constantinople II | Condemn the 3 Chapters Controversy
  • A.D. 680 | Constantinople III | The will of Jesus
  • A.D. 787 | Nicaea II | The Iconoclast Controversy

A series of articles will be written on each topic above and linked in upon their completion.