Bond With Mary in Scripture

Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary is not just for women, mothers and men who desire to love women purely and chastely. Although, yes, having a strong relationship with Mama Mary does bless your life in those areas. Question: What about those of us who want to be stronger disciples, bold evangelists, living tabernacles, and spiritual warfare enthusiasts? Answer: Grow close to the Mother of Our Lord will help you dominate in those areas as well. Richaél Lucero will share scriptures that are perfect for bonding with Mary in all of her roles and your interests.

Mary: Ark of the New Covenant

Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant. Jesus is the New Covenant. To appreciate this more deeply, Richaél Lucero explores the Ark of the Old Covenant. More importantly, what was held inside and its significance. She'll also point out the scriptures that identify Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant. As well as, how Christ is the fulfillment of each of the cherished items in the Ark of the Old Covenant.