Love Languages and Intimacy with God

God is love—by nature. When he shares himself with us, he gives us that love. While the way we receive and interpret love varies from person to person depending on your “love language,” the Lord has made sure that the Church has all that we need! Discover your love language and how the Lord wants [...]

A New Exodus in the Gospel of John

Any first-century Jew would have recognized that the opening of John’s Gospel is filled with images of Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Covenant. Indeed, we are called into the desert in a new Exodus—but not the wandering-in-the-wilderness-for-forty-years kind. Listen to the ways John weaved this call into his finely crafted Gospel and how [...]

Into the Desert

“It is not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, but that it has been found difficult and left untried.” —G.K. Chesterton Today is Ash Wednesday. Our journey into the desert has commenced. For 40 days, we will wander but we will not be lost. The Lord knows our heading even if we do [...]