behind the name

clum·sy -ˈ/kləmzē/ (adjective) – 

  1. awkward in movement or in handling things.
  2. done awkwardly or without skill or elegance.

the·o·sis – /THēə ō sis/ (adjective) –

  1. the likeness to or union with a god; deification.
  2. the process of attaining this state.
  3. holiness, sainthood. (added by me)

behind the name – Clumsy Theosis. I say I want to be holy, to be saint, to love Jesus above all else, to enjoy great intimate union with God. After all, this is what we have all been created for!

But in my weakness, I lose sight of that – a. lot. Why? Because I am thinking about myself. This is the human condition. When I live this life focused on myself, I falter and fumble about clumsily. This is the experience of every Christian of all time, ever, when they loose sight of Jesus. Through God’s grace we’re able to continue toward sainthood despite ourselves. This is what I call clumsy theosis.