The Clumsy Theosis podcast gives practical Faith advice to 21st century Catholics.

Be honest. Have you thought?…

I need to get serious about my spiritual life.

I should be more intentional about my relationship with the Lord.

The Church is dwindling. It’s time I got involved.

I wish I knew more about my Faith. But where do I begin?

Yes? Then this show is for you!

You’re meant to live in robust relationship with the life-giving Trinity. Think Frodo and Samwise. Maverick and Goose. Or Andre 3000 and Big Boi for my hip-hop fans. Then multiply that by infinity.

But where do you start to grow that kind of next-level iconic relationship with God!? The Catholic faith. She has all the tools and grace you’ll need. But you have to know how to use them.

That’s where I come in.

Hey! I’m Richaél Lucero. I use my fancy masters degree in theology to boil down—never water-down—2,000 years of Catholic goodness just for you. The great Catholic minds. The spiritual masters of the Faith. From basic to intimidating. I keep it clear and down to earth. But most of all practical.

With your new hands-on knowledge of the Faith, you’ll wake up your prayer. And be ready to dive deep(er) into relationship with God and his Church.

It’s time you learn all those things you weren’t taught in religion class.

Come on! Let’s close the gap between knowing facts about Catholicism and living the Faith.

Are you ready to transform the world by the way you live the Faith?

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