Partakers of Divine Nature [a.k.a. St. Cyril’s Hybrid Theosis]

Theosis doesn’t happen out in the ether. St. Cyril of Alexandria understood to “become partakers in the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4), like all invitations to theosis, calls us to participate with Christ or to imitate Christ. But, for St. Cyril, theosis requires dynamic participation. It calls for a both/and response—a hybrid response. With Richaél Lucero, learn how to you can take part in the divine life of the Trinity according to St. Cyril’s hybrid theosis. You’ll never think of theosis as a solo act again.


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Declarations about God’s Will To Pray over Yourself

  • God really wants me to “become a partaker in His divine nature.” 2Peter 1:4
  • My participation in theosis has been made possible because of the Incarnation of Christ.
  • By baptism I have the grace to walk in the fullness of life. 
  • Through worthy reception of the Eucharist, I’m being renewed inwardly, being conformed to Christ. 1Cor. 11:27
  • The Eucharist gives me the graces I need to live in imitation of Christ.

LEarn more about “Partaking in the Divine Nature”

“Partakers of the Divine Nature” (2 Peter 1:4) in the Byzantine Tradition

by Norman Russell

Read this essay here.

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