Theosis & the Early Church Fathers [a.k.a. Theosis Buzzwords to Know]

Your opportunities for theosis are endless. How do you recognize them? The Church Fathers used *theosis language* that we all use today—we just don’t realize we do. When you know them, they flag you to action. In this episode, Richaél Lucero shares the theosis buzzwords used since the Early Church. Plus how to identify God’s intended approach for each invitation to transformation.


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Declarations about God’s Will To Pray over Yourself

  • Through theosis, my image and likeness is being restored to the image and likeness of Jesus—God incarnate. 
  • God the Father has given me the grace to imitate his Son Jesus Christ.
  • God desires to be in relationship with me for all of eternity. 
  • Because of the incarnation of Christ, the doors to eternity with God have been opened to me.

Theosis Buzzwords & phrases

Ethical Theosis (focused on imitation of Christ). Some examples include:

  • Imitation of Christ
  • Follow Christ
  • Be conformed to Christ
  • Have likeness of Christ
  • Be a disciple of Christ
  • Listen to Christ
  • Walking in Christ

Ontological/Realistic Theosis (focused on participation with Christ). Some examples include:

  • Oneness with God
  • Union with God
  • The indwelling of God
  • Participation in the divine nature
  • Being Children of God
  • Adoption
  • Divine filiation
  • Being heirs with Christ to the Kingdom of God

quotes referenced

God became man, that man can become like God.

St. Athanasius

LEarn more about THeosis in the Early Church

Partakers of the Divine Nature: A Patristic Study of Deification

by Rev. Nathan Symeon Adams

God has called his people to become partakers of His Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:4). Join us for this three-part series as we explore this process of participating in the Sacramental and moral life of Christ by which each individual and the whole Church are transformed into the mystical body of Christ.

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