David and Trickle Down Blessing

King David is in the hot seat this week—week six of our series on salvation history. He’s the most important figure in the Old Testament. David’s “a man after God’s heart” after all. His life had many triumphs and some big falls. But of these vignettes, do we recall the covenant God made with him? Or that he was the first to live the role of Son of God since Adam—we’re talking since creation here? Listen as Richaél Lucero answers these questions and more. Like, what about the blessing that came with being the Son of God and who it’s supposed to benefit?

Throughout the series Richaél Lucero will examine one of the six key figures, the covenant they made with God and its meaning.


Episodes referenced

All episodes to date on the six key figures of salvation history. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus.

salvation history series

The story of God’s active presence in the history of humanity from Adam through Jesus and the eucharist.

Scriptures referenced

  • 2 Samuel 7. God’s covenant with David. Pay particular attention to verses 5,8,9,11-16.
  • Psalm 89 is God’s Covenant with David from David’s recollection (and prayers)
  • Psalm 89:27 Re: David. “And I will make him the first-born, the highest of the kings of the earth.”
  • Psalm 110. David is a “priest forever, from the order of Melchizedek” 
  • 1 Samuel 16:13. “The Spirit of God came mightily upon him from that day forward.” 
  • 2 Samuel 5. The Israelites use marriage covenant language (bone and flesh) when they make David their king.

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