O Antiphons of Advent

What has the Church been praying every December 17th-23rd since the eighth century? The O Antiphons—seven prayers, full of prophetic titles and Old Testament imagery of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Plus! From first to last, they climb climatically through salvation history. Listen as Richaél Lucero delves into the hopeful anticipation of the O Antiphons. You’ll also get some pointers to help you lean into them this Advent and a free downloadable sheet.


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Scriptures referenced

Passages from Isaiah where each “O” invocation comes from.

  1. O Wisdom |Isaiah 28:29
  2. O Sacred Lord | Isaiah 33:22
  3. O Root of Jesse| Isaiah 11:10
  4. O Key of David | Isaiah 22:22
  5. O Rising Sun | Isaiah 60:18-20
  6. O King of Nations | Isaiah 2:4
  7. O Emmanuel | Isaiah 7:14

Books referenced

He Cometh by Fr. William J. McGarry


My Christmas gift to you. A custom info-sheet on the “O Antiphons” designed by me.

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