So, Your Body’s a Temple. What Does That Even Mean?

How  many times have you heard *your body is a temple*? Of all things to be compared to, why a temple? Yes, it’s holy. But there’s more to it than that. From the Garden of Eden to a heavenly dwelling—Richaél Lucero identifies the prolific symbolism of the Jerusalem Temple. Listen now and you’ll finish this episode with an exciting perspective of who God created you to be. Think: worship, sacrifice, unfathomable beauty, and endless Friendship with God. 


Episodes referenced

Scriptures referenced

Do you not know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?

1 Cor 6:19

Ezekiel’s heavenly vision of the Temple can be found in Ezekiel 41 and following.

Ezekiel 41 and following

The decor and furnishings of the Temple can be found in 1Kings 6.

1 Kings 6

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