What Is a “Rule of Prayer” and Why You Need One

Ensure you have a firm foundation to your prayer life with a “Rule of Prayer.” This traditional model of daily prayer organizes your prayer time to promote quality over quantity. Its fruits are deep humility and inner peace. Learn how to create your own with Richaél Lucero today.

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Episodes referenced:

Note: The episode on the Jesus Prayer is also Imaginative Prayer vs. Quiet Prayer

Prayers referenced:

Psalm 50—Psalm of Repentance is good for the morning.

Psalm 84—Psalm of Peace is good for the evening.

Quotes referenced:

“When a person wants simply to pray without any rule at all, usually that sort of prayer quickly ends, thins out after a few heartfelt sighs of the soul, and he doesn’t know what to say; because we can’t find a prayerful mood all by ourselves.”

Fr. Valery Dukhanin, Orthodox priest


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