St. Catherine of Siena and the Divine Will

In honor of St. Catherine of Siena’s feast day, April 29th, we take a look a one of the many treasures we can learn from her—her abandonment to the divine will of God. Listen as Richaél Lucero peels back a tiny layer of the life of one of the four female Doctors of Church.

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Prayers referenced:

 You Are Direct Without Any Twisting

… You guide your servants in different ways along different paths.

… we should judge all things according to your will—and most of all where your servants are concerned who are united with your will and transformed by it. This is why the soul is happy when in your light she sees the light of the endlessly different ways and paths she sees in these servants of yours.

For though they travel by different ways, they are all running along the fiery road of your charity…

St. Catherine of Siena | as seen in Catherine of Siena: Passion for the Truth Compassion for Humanity, edited by Mary O’Driscoll | shop on Amazon


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