Beatitudes and Imitating Christ (1 of 3) [Poor in Spirit and Those Who Mourn]

What do the beatitudes, theosis, “death to self,” and iconography have in common? Though this may sound like the makings of a riddle, it’s not. Richaél Lucero is continuing the Lenten exploration of the beatitudes. She is drawing connections between these four topics of the Faith to paint a detailed picture of the transformation Christ is calling us to this season. Listen in to ensure you can answer Jesus with a full heart. 

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Continue this Lenten Series! 2020 Lent Series on the Beatitudes:

Scriptures referenced:

-Matthew 5:1-16 “Beatitudes”

Quotes referenced:

Beatitude is a possession of all things held to be good…

St. Gregory of Nyssa


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